Tuesday, May 4, 2010

ORF 2010 - New Owner, etc


OK, the official web page for (October) Rules Fest is not up and running. Rules Fest will be October 11th - October 13th and all details can be found at http://www.rulesfest.org now managed and maintained by Jason Morris of Morris Technical Services. So far, no list of speakers BUT there is a call for papers. So, if you feel that you would like to write something technical in one of five categories then write up a synopsis and send it in. Charles Young is collecting all of them and somewhere there is a group of guys who will determine who can speak and if that subject fits that category or should be moved or whatever

In the past, we've had a lot of fun. Now that the Rules Fest is in Silicon Valley, it should draw LOTS more of the technical attendees, speakers and even some of uber-geeks from Stanford. That was always the problem with holding ORF in Dallas; most of the techies were in California or North Carolina. So, with a bit of help from Michael Small (FICO - Chicago) the guys found a really nice hotel in San Jose to have the conference with a nice main conference room and some breakout rooms. Exactly what will happen and exactly WHO will be there will be posted as it happens. Hopefully the site will allow an RSS feed so that you can automagically track what's happening, including Tweets.

Probably this blog will either shut down or be renamed to something else. After all, ORF 2009 ended last year. :-)


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