Friday, October 9, 2009

ORF 2009 News Recap


I've been blogging on my own web site ( and have not been active enough on this one. So, here is a recap of all the new about October Rules Fest 2009:

The Adolphus dramatically dropped their room rates down to $129 / night so that the attendees will not have to stay at a cheaper hotel nearby and walk in what might be inclement weather to the conference. Also, they can hang out in the Pub Night room and then only have to catch the elevator to their room.

Keynote Speaker: Thomas Cooper, a contemporary of Charles Forgy, Anoop Gupta, Paul Haley, John McDermott, Allen Newell and others of that era. Tom co-authored a book on OPS5 in the 80's and is one of the "thought leaders" of this industry.

Thursday Think Tank - T3: On Thursday afternoon we will feature our leading speakers in a Think Tank that is open to the Attendees as well. Since the session is all afternoon, there should be plenty of time for questions and, maybe, an answer or two.

Drools Boot Camp - DBC: All day Sunday and Monday morning. Led by Mark Proctor and Edson Tirelli this proved to be a source of great interest last year and it should be even more interesting this year. This is free for ORF Attendees.

Jess Boot Camp - JBC: Jason Morris of Morris Technical Solutions will be giving a Jess tutorial all day on Sunday and Monday morning. The schedule is posted and promises to be extremely interesting to those who like Jess and/or CLIPS as their primary rulebase language. This is free for ORF attendees.

Student Fees: Once again this year we have discounted Student Fees to $150 for the entire ORF session that includes the JBC and DBC. Students will need to send us a copy of their current photo-ID drivers license and their photo-ID Student ID card to qualify. The same cards will have to be presented at ORF for verification.

Ping Pong / Table Tennis and/or Foosball has been cancelled due to lack of interest. Sorry about that. I was looking forward to a tournament kind of evening.

White Papers and Presentations will be available during the conference for you to load on your computer to follow along. However, all will be copyrighted to either the individual speaker or to October Rules Fest Corporation.

Brochures will be available at the conference and electronically later this week. (Thanks, Chelanie). This will be a real keep-sake for your Golden Years.

So, if you haven't registered already, do so NOW. He who hesitates is lost. :-)

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