Friday, April 24, 2009

ORF 2009 Abstracts Due in One Week


Short blog:  There is only one more week until the Abstracts are due for October Rules Fest 2009.  We have received about 11 or 12 right now and we have enough to do the conference with some really long session times.  :-)

BUT, we need more quality presentations.  We have five more persons that have promised abstracts by the 30th of April but we need to get those in so that the committee can review them without being too rushed.  It should not take more than five minutes or so to write up the abstract once the thought process of considering what to do and how to do it are completed.

What happens is that we should get about 30 abstracts in, cull out five or so that aren't actually applicable to the conference - although what we have so far is looking great - and then five or so will pull out before the actual white paper is due on July 1st.  After that, if the white paper has been submitted, they speakers usually complete the overheads without much of a problem.  Even if we get 30 or 40 that are good, we will have the time to present them.

So, get busy and get the abstracts submitted ASAP.  Thanks,


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