Tuesday, March 10, 2009

ORF 2009 at First Blush


OK, this is a second call for white paper abstract.  It should be about 100 - 200 words that briefly (but completely) tell what will be the contents of your white paper.  This is due NOT LATER THAN 15 APRIL 2009.  So, hurry and get that part to us so that the "committee" can begin their review.  

We have received only one abstract to date but we have promises of about 10 so far.  PLEASE let me know SOON if you plan on speaking.  There were 12 or 13 who signed up to speak but this page did not report who they were - all voting was anonymous.  :-(  Thanks. 

ORF 2009 IS BACK IN DALLAS for the last week of October.  Three and 1/2 days this time, Tuesday morning through Friday noon.  Full details as they are available will be on the web page to go up later this week.  Early sign-up discounts for both the conference and tutorials.  Also, discounts for group memberships.  Probably only one Keynote Speaker this year unless we feel the need for more - let me know what you think.

TUTORIALS will be all day on Monday AND will be available only if we get at least 25 persons to sign up for them.  (The room will be the same room as the conference so we have to have enough to pay for the room, coffee, etc.)  However, we are going to try and persuade the sponsoring vendors do one-hour tutorials (four of them) in the afternoon.  The morning sessions will be introduction to rulebased systems and BRMS taught by several, very senior ORF members.  (That will be on the web page later this week.)

EARLY SIGNUP for the conference will begin later this week.  This will be the cheapest training course for rulebased systems and BRMS in the known world.  Most of the technical speakers from last year will be returning, including Dr. Forgy, Gary Riley, Dr. Feldman, Dr. Hicks, Edson Tirelli,  and Mark Proctor.   Subjects will range from Complex Event Processing (CEP) to RuleBased Forecasting (RBF) to Parallel Rulebased Systems to Dr. Forgy's new and improved algorithm that was announced earlier here on the page.

PUB NIGHT will be a published, established place where we will have reservations in advance.  Last year most of the Q&A was at Pub Night until closing.  What a rush!  But this year we can control the music level so that we can talk without having to shout at each other.

SPONSORS need to sign up soon.  The fees are along the same line as last year and we have sent the fee schedule to most of you already.  If you did NOT get one, let me know.  Without our sponsors, the conference will not happen.

So, come early and stay late.  Most of all, learn something and have fun doing it.


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