Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Solutions and Videos


Daniel Selman of ILOG presented the first solution by a vendor for the Einstein's Puzzle.  He has posted it at and he did it without using JRules.  I had two friends do this in about 20 minutes using only pieces of paper (not very scalable but it's one way) and some others doing it with spreadsheets - not scalable either.   Problem # 2 will be business related and probably be some kind of real-world constraint problem - but that will be next week.  You won't be able to do it with pieces of paper, for sure.

AKSO, Volker Grossman of Innovations Technology (Visual Rules) has put up a UTube video at that explains business rules and might be helpful to "noobies" in our industry.  And it's free.  Remember, I said "business rules" and not "rulebased solutions" - something that can be quite involved and complicated.  

But, check them out and see what you think.  Also, check out the other blogs listed on the left side of our page for more discussions on rulebased systems, CBP, CRM, RBF, and lots of other solutions.

The sign-up page for ORF 2009 is coming this week so check by in on Monday and sign up for October Rules Fest 2009.  Bigger and better and still in Dallas.  Next year in Nice.  (maybe?)


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