Friday, January 23, 2009

1st ORF 2009 Organization Meeting


In a word, SUCKS! Skype can't handle the few number (15 or so in the beginning) that we had. BUT, next time Carole Ann at Fair Isaac has a 150 dial-in 800 number that we can use. So, we'll return to using POT (Plain Old Telephone) protocol. :-)

This week:

Tutorial: Details still sketchy but we agreed to having them on Tuesday, maybe just Tuesday morning and beginning the conference at noon on Tuesday.

One-session track agreed upon. (Wasn't it?)

Sponsorship: We need a listing of what sponsors can get other than the email addresses of all attendees. After all, even though we are cheap compared to other conferences, it is still a chunk of change for a company to put up just to have a booth and tell folks about their product. We're open to suggestions...

Stop on Friday at noon so folks can be home for Friday Night Lights. :-)

Q&A eiher:
45 minutes every morning just before lunch and every evening before quitting
60 - 75 minutes everyday as the last session

White Papers to be bound and sold to help finance the conference. Not much but something.

Perhaps get an independent organization to handle everything for us since most of us now have full-time jobs. Well, almost everyone.

Next time: Carole Ann has an 800 number dial-in that will handle up to 150 call-ins. I'll let her blog here about the details about when, numbers, etc.

So, if you HAD to miss one, then this one was the one to miss. :-)


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James Owen said...

David -

I'll probably blog this as well but for now just a couple of comments.

Since we have so many different type of vendors, a "bake off" would have to be either something so simple that Java/C/C++/COBOL/BASIC would solve the problem -or - it would be too vendor-specific to allow everyone to participate. I always hated having to participate in such things because the problem was rarely clearly stated (is that "real world"?) and the solution could be rigged such that the "fastest" was not necessarily the "best." IMO. Besides, we already have had two sponsors from 2008 who really did not like that idea.

As far as being applicable to all of the BRMS products on the market, I counted them (and listed them for an article that I'm doing for InfoWorld) and there were 28 commercial vendors, most with two, three or four rulebased products, and three "Open Source" vendors. That being said, it would be really difficult to find a use case that would not be more favorable to type than to the others.

Now, 64-Queens: That is a benchmark used for rulebased systems (and other things) for many years now, not something that you would want to attempt with a spreadsheet or decision table. And it isn't intended to be a "business" use case but more of a test of how well the engine solves complex problems, much like the traveling salesman problem, which really is a "business" problem. Much like Waltz-50, WaltzDB-16, WaltzDB-200 and the Sudoku problem. These are easily implemented by most rulebased engines and we're just looking for the solution to be correct. More on that later this quarter.

We have (by now) pretty much decided that ending on Friday noon is a good idea since it would allow the "corporate" guys to trot on home while allowing the more "international" travelers some much-needed downtime before heading off to the "other" forum. :-)

Friday, Saturday, Sunday conferences no longer have that "Saturday Night Special" advantage since most airlines have dropped that Saturday stay discount. And most attendees either want to be home on those days or sight-seeing. IMO.

The conference itself is unique in that we bridge the gap between the academic (theoretical) and the applications and the business needs. It should be invaluable for the growth of almost anyone's technical quest(s) in that it will (hopefully) provide answers to questions that they have had for the past year or two. This year we're trying to allow a room and time(s) for the sponsors to have a Demo Time to show off what they can do, answer questions, etc.

We're having another call-in on this Friday so it would be nice to have you there. :-)